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Scar Removal Cream Gel Remove Acne Spots Treatment Stretch Marks Burn Surgical Scar Repair Cream Smoothing Whitening Skin Beauty

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Shark Scar Repair Cream Remove Stretch Marks Burn Acne Surgical Scar Treatment Gel Whiten Smoothing Skin Beauty Health Body Care

▶Specifications :20g/0.7 fl.oz
▶Effects :Hydrolyzed Keratin can promote the newmetabolism of skin cells and play a veryimportant role in body cell repair and tissueregeneration.At the same time, it is rich infibronectin to regenerate and repair the skin'sepidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissues,repair damaged skin,improve skin gloss,improve skin roughness, and achieve the effectof repairing scars.

▶lngredients :Water、Butylene Glycol、Polyglycerin-10、Nia-cinamide、Myrothamnus Flabellifolia Leaf/StemExtract、Hydrolyzed Keratin、Fibronectin.Madecassoside、Phenoxyethanol、LavandulaAngustifolia(Lavender)Oil、Ascorbic Acid、Car-bomer、Triethanolamine、Methylparaben.Hydroxyethylcellulose、Propanediol、Ethylhexyl-glycerin、PEG-35 Castor Oil、Nonoxynol-12、Citric Acid、Cl19140.
▶SKin Types :Suitable for various skin types.

Do you feel distressedby these problems?

▶Don't let scars affect your life,fear of the strange eyes of others
▶Cut scars
▶Surgical scars
▶Burn scars

Effectively prevents scar proliferation after surgery
Slowly decomposes pigments andremove scars and marks
Contains tripeptide and otheringredients,effectively removescars while protecting the skin


▶Scar hyperplasia of skin
The skin and soft tissue fail to recovernormally after being suffered severe damage.It will be repaired by fibrous tissue that leads to hypertrophicscarringleft on the skin.

lt not only has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects, can be usedin scar repair and acne cosmetics, but also has the effect of keepingskin moisture.
lt can improve skin moisture supply, replenish cell nutrition, and soothethe skin. lt can tighten skin elasticity, promote metabolism, and inhibitwrinkles.
lt has a good whitening effect and anti-inflammatory effect.
lt promotes skin keratin renewal, helps peel off melanin in the skin,reduces pores, moisturizes and whitens the skin, helps to improve thedark spots and roughness of the skin surface, and accelerates therepair of old scars.

Principles of scar treatment Solving a variety of scar problems

▶Softening the cuticle
To reduce scarsurface tension,thereby reducing the synthesis of collagen fibers
▶Removing pigment precipitation
Reduces melanin deposition,promotes stratum corneum and repairs the skin
▶Permeate skin bottom
Softening scar hyperplasia through metabolism of small .molecule silicone and the same-level collagen
▶Bridge repair
Repairing and separating necrotic tissue,accelerating tissue softening,repairingatrophic scars


Use it twice a day.Please disinfect the site before use.Use it for old or newscars, soften and smooth raised scars, and relieve itching, discomfort andpain caused by scars.Helps prevent the occurrence of hypertrophic scars.

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